The creators of Phantom Gourmet financed and formed the Restaurant And Business Alliance: A trade association providing a strong voice in local and state government and media to restaurant and business owners.

President Dave Andelman (CEO of Phantom Gourmet, Inc. and a lawyer/MBA, and registered lobbyist) has twenty years of experience owning and operating companies and working with local businesses. He represents your interests with knowledge and passion. The R.A.B.A. was instrumental in repealing the ban on Educational Dinners For Doctors, changing the law so that restaurants can serve alcohol Sunday at 10AM instead of noon, and passing other legislation to help business. Our organization is currently working to reform Unemployment Insurance, which unfairly penalizes employers by dramatically raising payroll costs. We’ve had hundreds of interactions with policy makers and generated a tremendous amount of media with a pro-business position including television and radio interviews plus newspaper editorials and internet editorials. We don’t take trips or distribute awards; our sole focus is the representation you need and deserve.

Other associations have failed to prevent our state consistently ranking close to last in business climate and cost of doing business. We need something new, different, and effective, controlled by people who, like who, are owner/operators of local companies. Please consider joining the Restaurant And Business Alliance. We have a limit of just one hundred memberships so that we can work on your general concerns and try to solve your individual problems.

There are two ways to join:

  • Join online HERE
  • Mail your check to:

Restaurant And Business Alliance
P.O. Box 277
Allston, MA 02134