R.A.B.A.  Benefits and Accomplishments

At any given time, there are 6,000 bills before the legislature.  Hundreds of these bills, if they were to become law, would damage your business.  We will keep you informed and work to defeat any increase in the meals tax, sales tax, fees, or any unnecessary interference in your business.  We will rely on our members to determine our legislative agenda.  We’ve already passed several laws and have submitted or supported dozens of others.  These bills have been sponsored or endorsed by more than 75 of the 200 Representatives/Senators, all with bipartisan support.

Below please find our Benefits and Accomplishments, and contact our Executive Director Vincent Errichetti for additional efforts or with any issues you wish addressed.

Legislative Accomplishments

  • Repealed the ban on educational dinners for doctors
  • Allowed restaurants to serve alcohol Sunday 10AM instead of noon
  • Disqualified employees fired for stealing, using illegal drugs or being drunk at work from winning an unemployment claim
  • Added catering to the Film Tax Credit
  • Repealed the $295 per employee fine for each employee who chooses not to participate in your company’s health care plan
  • Changed the penalty system for violations from shut downs to a fine system
  • Held over 100 meetings with government leaders
  • Conducted an annual State House Lobbying Day
  • Met all Boston Mayoral candidates who pledged timely meetings with us if elected
  • Developed an annual Phantom Approved Business Strategies Seminar

The Great 8 Reasons to Join the Restaurant and Business Alliance

1)     Your own full-time lobbyist personally representing you at the local, state and agency level.

2)     Free admission to informational seminars, networking meetings and our annual State House Lobbying Day.

3)     Email updates on media and legislation.

4)     Business to business discount program.

5)     Opportunities to be heard directly by elected officials through events, hearings and issues meetings.

6)     One free Phantom Facebook post to 186,000 Phans.

7)     Free tickets to all Phantom Gourmet events.

8)     We limit our enrollment to provide you and your businesses with the attention you deserve.